Enter a world of superior textures that ensure high quality, extra shine and longer lasting performance. Orion offers a varied choice of wall textures created with special additives that deliver superior results.

Orion’s Texture Benefits

Our range of textures comes with winning advantages that include:

  • Best Value
    Our products give the best spread per liter/kg compared to any other similar products available in the market resulting in cost savings up to 50%.
  • Robust Choice
    Designed with UV stability, long term durability, anti-fungal/algal capability, etc.
  • Feature Rich
    Powered with superior features like water repellent, extra breathability, permanent texture functionality, anti-graffiti, etc. Can be used for designer and decorative purposes.
  • Maximum Flexibility
    Suitable for both interior and exterior painting needs, and come with unique flexibility and elasticity.

Texture Offerings from Orion

  • Regular
  • Spray Coat
  • Super Fine

Orion's Texture is an advanced texture coating system, which is the ultimate in decorative protection offered to you by Orion Coats. Conventional wall coatings (putty, primer and paint) though decorative in nature, have limited protective qualities due to their composition, and very low film thickness.

The concept of decorative protection today is met by polymer-based coatings that “Breath” i.e they let moisture out of substrate and are yet water resistant like human skin.

With Orion's Texture durability, time of plaster can be increased and maintenance cost is reduced.

  • Regular

    This variety of surface
    texture manufactured by us gives a perfect look to the wall with its smooth finish and
    color schemes.

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  • Spray Coat

    This variety of surface texture gives a perfect spray finish to the surface. It is used to paint matured cement plaster, ply, and board. It is available at pocket-friendly prices.

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  • Super Fine

    Our premium range of surface texture is vastly used to paint exterior and interior of matured plasters and woods. It has a long lasting life, as it is resistant to the weather. This range is available at pocket-friendly prices.

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