The Elegant range of decorative paints from Orion is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a
high-performance decorative painting solutions for extreme weather conditions. This water-based
coating solution delivers a clean and smooth wall finish.

It is designed with highly-advanced technology that help retain colours for years and years together.

Orion’s Elegant Advantage

  • All Weather Performance
    Specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy rains, hot and humid conditions.
  • UV & Alkali Safe
    Provides strong protection against UV Attack and alkali degradation, ensuring that colours do not fade in a hurry.
  • Anti-Algal Advantage
    Great for dry weather condition with its capability to fight algae growth more effectively.
  • Extensive Choice
    Provides a wide range of choice to suit all kind of needs. You can choose from thousands of stunning
    colour shades.