About Us

We at Orion Coats have been delivering excellence in coating solution for more than 25 years. An ISO
9001:2008 certified entity backed by a dedicated team of professionals with deep experience and unmatched expertise, we bring to our customers best-in-class coating solutions ranging from texture, putty, decorative paints to primer and distemper for all home painting needs and also for commercial establishments like Hospitals, Institutions, Corporates, etc. at very attractive pricing. Our products give the best spread per liter/kg compared to any other similar products available in the market resulting in cost savings up to 50%.

Orion Coats’ objective is to deliver cutting-edge yet affordable coating solutions through state-of-the-art technology and constant innovation. Our wide range of coating solutions are specially designed to meet all kinds of needs and different surfaces. We use technology that is ahead of its times to deliver best-quality products specially designed to cover the most difficult surfaces and all kinds of building materials.

Our team of highly-experienced professionals with deep knowledge in paint manufacturing constantly innovate to bring the best possible solutions for our esteemed customers.